CH Precision M1 Amp

The Future of Amplification

It’s really in a different class

Marshall Nack  Positive-Feedback

Details make the difference

CH Precision L1 Preamplifier

It brings you closer than ever to the source, delivering more truth than you’re probably used to. Be prepared.I can’t let the L1 go back to the importer. This guy will become my new reference.

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Acrolink 7N-PC9500

It’s all big and dense. And the cord is brilliant, although I’m saying it with clenched teeth.

It’s the best power cord I’ve heard so far.

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Stillpoints - The Audio Beat

Ultra Mini, Ultra SS and Ultra 5 Footers, and ESS Equipment Rack

“…if you haven’t heard your system on Stillpoints, you probably haven’t heard your system.”


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Kaiser Acoustics - Munich High End Exhibition 2016

Our editorial colleague, spent most of his Munich time in this room. No wonder—it is an excellent combination of warmth, softness and resolution. The sound was very close to what you hear live…


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