About Kaiser Acoustics

Hans and Hans-Jürgen are the CEOs of Kaiser Company.

The Kaiser GmbH is a substantial and very advanced wood-based engineering company that specialises in acoustic solutions. It’s a family firm‚ was founded in 1948‚ and is located in beautiful alpine scenery near Untergriesbach‚ in the extreme bottom right hand corner of Germany.

Rainer Weber

Rainer Weber‚ our Technical Director who’s based in the ancient city of Regensburg‚ 140km back up the Danube‚ holds a senior position as an acoustician in automotive component specialist Continental AG.

This involvement gives him access to all manner of interesting new technologies and materials‚ and he’s worked with Kaiser to create a top class listening room in the city‚ where the development work is carried out.

Years of experience

Kaiser has many years of experience in providing customised room acoustic for recording studios‚ conference rooms‚ lecture halls and state-of-the-art home cinemas. It´s our philosophy to combine the technical requirements with aesthetic appeal. We do not only want to please your ears but your eyes as well‚ since visual appearance is an important part of the entire enjoyment.